Doing the Technical Heavy-Lifting for You

Effective business intelligence requires data to be in a format and shape that is usually very different from the way it is captured (ever tried to 'drill-down' into raw data and been stymied?).

You are faced with data in several different systems for each of your clients.  And that data needs to be somehow joined up, cleaned, transformed, and enhanced to provide a base for business intelligence and analytics.

And dealing with these steps actually involves several technical specialty skills that fall into the realm of what is known data-engineering.  

But You're an Accounting Firm, Not a Data-Engineering Firm

Hiring people into your firm who have these technical skills is expensive and introduces an entirely new type of team member, working style, and management challenges.

And training someone on your staff in those skills is going to take months or years and then they will need to work on many different projects for several years to get the level of experience that will let them drive business intelligence projects for your firm.

We hear that all the time - from accounting firms around the world.

Filling that gap is why we built our company since our founder left the partnership of a national accounting firm 13 years ago.

You Now Have a Way to Deal With Those Technical Challenges

Your firm can lean on us to leverage our technical expertise in these areas - specifically focused on business intelligence.  And we understand what's important to your firm since our origin came from a public accounting firm.

You can breathe easy knowing that we can bring the technical skills needed to do business intelligence, effectively, for your clients.  We are experts in programming to bring in data from whatever different systems any particular client may use.  And then we apply our specialty skillsets and expertise to build the automated process that will transform that data into the format needed for effective business intelligence to happen for your clients.

Offer An 
In-Demand Service

Your clients are actively seeking help becoming Data-Driven and implementing Business Intelligence 

Technical Expertise &
Heavy-Lifting Done For You

You can focus on your client relationships and don't need worry about hiring and utilizing technical specialty skills 

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Revenue Source

We share revenue with you so you can develop a recurring revenue stream without any up-front cost