Build a New and Recurring Complimentary Revenue Source

Continued growth of your firm is enhanced by creating new sources of revenue - that's a given.

The challenge is to create new sources of revenue that compliment the deep relationship you already have with your clients, offer something valuable they are looking for, and ideally, isn't something they are already getting somewhere else.

Business Intelligence is a Natural Fit

Chances are that you already talk with your clients about KPI's, strategy, and operational improvements.  Those are natural areas of discussion given how close your relationship is with clients after helping through years of financial reporting, tax planning, financings, and all the other things they come to rely on you for.

By offering your clients business intelligence through our white-label offering you continue to be their trusted adviser, continue to build your brand as your clients' source for business advice.

And since we bring the technical skillsets required to do business intelligence effectively you can offer those services without having to build up those skills and expertise from scratch.

We Align our Interests With Your Firm's Interests

We work with you, your team, and your clients to create winning business intelligence solutions so that the interests of your firm and your clients are in complete alignment with ours.

Our approach is to team up with you to market and discuss business intelligence with your clients, explore how it may be a good fit for them, and share the revenue.  That way you aren't paying for something you are not sure how to monetize.

In fact, you aren't paying anything.  Your firm and us simple share the results.

So no results for you - no results for us.

There simply isn't a better way to make sure we have both our interests aligned.

And We Understand How Precious Your Client Relationships Are

We make sure your interests are aligned with our interests by the pricing model we use for our business intelligence services.

We set up engagements where the client pays for the service on an ongoing basis.  Just like a contract CFO, Controllership, or bookkeeping engagement you may provide to your clients.

That means we are just as interested as you are that your clients get value and a high level of care and love when it comes to their business intelligence engagements.

We spend a lot of effort getting their business intelligence engagement up and into production in the first month or two.  That means it is in our best interest to ensure your clients love their business intelligence engagement and continue using it and paying for it.

(Did we mention that we don't require your clients to 'lock-in' to any long-term arrangement.  They can decide at any time to stop using the business intelligence solution we've built for them?)

Offer An 
In-Demand Service

Your clients are actively seeking help becoming Data-Driven and implementing Business Intelligence 

Technical Expertise &
Heavy-Lifting Done For You

You can focus on your client relationships and don't need worry about hiring and utilizing technical specialty skills 

New & Recurring
Revenue Source

We share revenue with you so you can develop a recurring revenue stream without any up-front cost