Offer Your Clients Help in Their Desire to Become Data-Driven

Business intelligence and data analytics get a lot of air-time these days.

Companies are increasingly looking to use the data they have to make better, faster, and less-risky business decisions.

This trend is well-established and continues to gain momentum every month.

83% of Business Owners Want to Become More Data-Driven

The vast majority of clients are looking hard to tap into the value they know is in the data they have.

And that makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Given today's business and economic environment clients are looking for any edge over their competition they can manage.

In fact, studies have shown that Data-Driven companies are 78% more likely to grow their revenue than non-Data-Driven peers.

And it's not just revenue growth where Data-Driven companies excel.  They are also 58% more likely to exceed their revenue targets and are 22% more profitable than their non Data-Driven peers.

Accountants Are Naturally-Positioned to Help

You have a natural trusted relationship with your clients.  And you are comfortable assessing how they're businesses translate their activities into financial results.

The breadth of experience and commercial awareness you have developed through your training and experience further gives you a unique perspective that is usually lacking in traditional approaches to business intelligence.

(and we should know - our founder was a partner in a national accounting firm before starting Bizdog over 10 years ago)

Accountants also have a lot of experience already doing basic analytics and business intelligence through using Excel, and often visualization tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, Quicksight, and other tools.

The Challenge Arises...

Good as accountants are at analyzing financial information, truly helping clients become Data-Driven quickly tends to expand.  It soon begins to involve operational data, as well as data from multiple systems.  In fact, most private companies have data spread across 5 or more different systems.

This means that you likely find yourself quickly wishing for more technical skills around data-gathering, data-engineering, data-cleansing, data security, and data-transformation.

The problem is that you don't have a need for those specialty skills and knowledge in your firm on a full-time basis.  And even if you someone with those skills AND keep them busy fulltime, it would involve a different way of managing, communicating, and managing and overseeing the quality of work performed.

Clearly, Houston, there's a problem with that approach.

A Solution Enters...

You can now take advantage of our white-label service to deliver excellence in professional business intelligence and data analytics - built by people with backgrounds in accounting, data-science, analytics, and private-equity.

And you can deliver these services to your clients at not cost to you (we share revenue with our partner accounting firms so we don't win unless they win).

Even better, we provide help with marketing this to your clients (think webinars, articles, books, and other learning content) while you get to be involved in the whole journey to ensure you maintain the client goodwill.

And since our engagements typically are recurring monthly engagements (with automatically daily, weekly or monthly data from yoru client and up-to-the-minute dashboards) you get to build an additional revenue stream for your practice.

Offer An 
In-Demand Service

Your clients are actively seeking help becoming Data-Driven and implementing Business Intelligence 

Technical Expertise &
Heavy-Lifting Done For You

You can focus on your client relationships and don't need worry about hiring and utilizing technical specialty skills 

New & Recurring
Revenue Source

We share revenue with you so you can develop a recurring revenue stream without any up-front cost