Why White-Label Business Intelligence Makes Sense

Eighty-three percent of business owners want their company to become more Data-Driven.  

Modern business intelligence is the best way for companies to become Data-Driven.  Companies can take advantage of cloud technologies, advanced analytics tools, and effective data-governance tools to help them achieve their Data-Driven goal. 

It is also true that progressive accounting firms have deep relationships with their best clients and often discuss strategy, financial targets, and KPI's with their best clients. And those are a key element of delivering effective business intelligence.

So there is a natural opportunity for progressive firms to offer business intelligence services to their best clients.

But doing business intelligence effectively can be challenging. It involves some speciality skillsets (like data engineering, data pipelines, data extraction, data cleaning and transformation) that most accountants are not well-versed in.

You are able to leverage your natural advisory position and client relationships with the 'data-driven heavy-lifting' our service can provide.

And you continue to be the star of the show. 

Technical Expertise &
Heavy-Lifting Done For You

You can focus on your client relationships and don't need worry about hiring and utilizing technical specialty skills 

New & Recurring
Revenue Source

We share revenue with you so you can develop a recurring revenue stream without any up-front cost