Our Story...

Our founder, Steve Wilkinghoff, started up his own accounting firm on July 1, 1999 - with a single client who had a December year-end.

By walking around and introducing himself to local business owners and a ton of hard work he grew his firm over five years to the point where he merged it into a national firm and became a partner.

His passion for working with clients to analyze financial information led him to leave that national firm so he could focus exclusively on helping companies link their operational realities to the financial results they were creating.

Pursuing that passion took him over to the UK where he worked with clients for over 10 years and added business analytics and business intelligence.  As he worked with clients in those engagements he realized (the hard way, at first) that effective business intelligence that updates automatically and that allows multi-dimensional analysis took a lot more than just Excel or a piece of business intelligence software.

The hard part.  And the part that made TRULY effective business intelligence work was building data pipelines that could pull data from the several different systems most clients would have, join that data together, and do the transformations and enhancements needed to build the datacube that formed the basis of the business intelligence and analytics.

So Steve began developing those skills, as well as building a network of super-smart people who could help with the coding and data-engineering.
In Steve's journey to work with clients around the world on various business intelligence engagements he would often be asked from other accountants for more detail on what he did as they were interested in doing similar things inside their firms.  It became quickly apparent that while many firms wanted to offer business intelligence to their clients, they didn't want to, or couldn't, spend the time and investment to learn, hire, and manage data experts that would make effective business intelligence a positive experience for their clients.

That realization led Steve to begin offering these business intelligence skillsets and processes to accounting firms on a white-label basis.  It was a perfect fit.  The accounting firms could continue focusing on what they were experts in, avoid having to sink money, time, and risk into acquiring technical business intelligence skills, and still offer business intelligence services to their clients under their firm's brand.

Technical Expertise &
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You can focus on your client relationships and don't need worry about hiring and utilizing technical specialty skills 

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We share revenue with you so you can develop a recurring revenue stream without any up-front cost